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Allen Tool Phoenix adds AS9100D Certification


Continuing with the momentum from our successful transition to ISO 9001:2015 in December, Allen Tool updated its QMS and passed the external audits to achieve AS9100D certification this May.


In addition to these certifications we have added some additional square footage with an addition to the back of our building. We have also added some new equipment to support Customer requirements and give us additional capacity.


This puts us in a great position to handle new business and pursue controlled, sustained growth in the future.



ISO 9001:2015 and NIST 800-171 Achieved


We have been busy in the 4th quarter with audits and certifications here at Allen Tool Phoenix Inc.


First in November we completed the 3 day transition audit to ISO 9001:2015. We had no new findings!


We also completed a full year of audits to the new Aerospace Standard AS9001 D. We hope to complete the external certification by the end of January. 


We also finished a third party Cybersecurity Risk Assessment audit to NIST 800-171. All recommended improvements to our system have been completed and have been verified by the Cybersecurity experts from The Advanced Institute for Manufacturing (AIM). They are part of the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).


The urgency to complete this was due to the Department of Defense DFARS 252.204-7012 requirement to meet the NIST 800-171 cybersecurity standard. The deadline was to be compliant by December 31st 2017 to continue to do business with the Government.


Congratulations to the entire team for supporting this.



Apprenticeship Program


Allen Tool Phoenix is proud to announce our participation in the New York State Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (NYSMIAP) sponsored by the Manufacturers Association of Central New York. NYSMIAP is an employer-led, public-private pilot program for registered apprentices in manufacturing occupations. The NYSMIAP is a unique business-lead approach targeted at raising the skill levels of incumbent manufacturing workers and creating distinctive career pathways while filling a crucial need within the industry. Our three apprentices began the four-year program for CNC Machinists on June 15th. In addition to daily on the job training, our apprentices are attending OCC for their related instruction. Good luck gentlemen!

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Terms & Conditions


Suppliers providing products and services to Allen Tool Phoenix Tool Inc. agree to following terms and conditions when they choose to accept any Allen Tool Phoenix Purchase order.


  1. Material Certification: A material certification shall be provided with the shipment stating the specification number of the material being supplied as it appears on the Allen Tool Phoenix PO, revision level, PO number, lot code and shelf life if applicable and shipment date. Actual test results as required by the specification, such as mechanical test data, chemical properties, hardness, etc. shall accompany certification. This certification must be signed by the authorized agent of the supplier. Certain PO's may contain a requirement to evaluate and validate the accuracy of the data on the material certifications. Suppliers are required to adhere to evaluation requirements when necessary.
  2. Certification of Conformance: A certification of conformance shall be provided with the shipment and shall state "All blueprint and/or specification requirements have been met" and that inspection records, material certifications, and/or special process certifications (when applicable) are on file and are available for review. This certification must be signed by the authorized agent. This certification must include Allen Tool Phoenix PO number, part number, revision level, serial number (if applicable), lot number (if applicable) and quantity shipped. A supplier packing list containing the above information may be acceptable.
  3. Special Process Certification: A certification is required with a statement certifying conformance to each special process(e.g. welding, plating, heat treating FPI, etc.,) performed on the material specification(s) listed on the Allen Tool Phoenix PO. The signature of an authorized agent of the company performing the special process must appear on the certification. The certification must also include Allen Tool Phoenix's PO number, part number and revision level, serial number (if applicable), lot number (if applicable) and quantity shipped.
  4. Calibration Certification (Independent Lab): A certificate is required stating that calibration has been performed to the appropriate standards or test requirements to which certification applies, and environmental conditions under which the calibration was performed. The certificate shall specify the date of calibration, serial number of the tool(s) calibrated, the NIST test number for traceability to standards used in calibration or tests, and their due date for recalibration. The certificate must contain a report number for traceability: state the actual readings or results of the tests and the degree of conformance or acceptance to specified requirements. A statement that calibrations or tests were performed in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540, ISO10012 or equivalent and are traceable to NIST must appear on the certificate. The certificate must be signed by an authorized agent of the calibration source.
  5. Nonconforming Material Process: Supplier to notify Allen Tool Phoenix of any existing nonconforming product that has been outsourced for production or special processing. Upon notification, Allen Tool Phoenix shall conduct arrangements for the disposition of supplier nonconforming material prior to receipt at Allen Tool Phoenix facility.
  6. Right of Entry: Allen Tool Phoenix, customer representative or regulatory agency has the right to access to all facilities involved (including supplier's sub-tier facilities) in the order and to all applicable records.
  7. Supplier Process Changes: Supplier to notify Allen Tool Phoenix of changes in product and/or process definitions, and where required. Obtain Allen Tool Phoenix's approval prior to production. This may include Risk/FMEA's, special requirements, critical items, and/or key characteristics.
  8. DFAR/Country of Origin Required: Items shall be purchased from qualifying countries and "DFAR compliant" and qualifying country of origin shall be documented by the supplier on the certificate of conformance, material certificates, etc. Qualifying countries include: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Federal Republic of Germany, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, U.K., and Northern Ireland.
  9. Supplier Flow Down of Allen Tool Phoenix Requirements: In the event that Allen Tool Phoenix outsources products to be manufactured or special processes to be performed, and the supplier outsources to sub-tier suppliers, the applicable Allen Tool Phoenix supplier PO flow down requirements shall be flowed down to the suppliers sub-tier, (including key characteristics, special requirements, critical characteristics, records, etc.) where applicable.
  10. ITAR/EAR: When flowed down, the supplier shall ensure that all ITAR/EAR controlled technical data, including equipment and technology, is not disclosed, both in written, oral and/or visual form, to any persons ("foreign nationals") within its facility. This requirement includes any subcontracted materials performed by the supplier sub-tier within their facility. Additionally, ITAR/EAR controlled information must remain within the United States and may not be disclosed to any foreign countries.
  11. Record Retention: The supplier shall establish and maintain records and provide objective evidence that applicable above requirements have been complied with. These records shall be a) maintained for a minimum of (10) years from the completion date of the contract, unless stipulated for a longer period on the PO: b) stored in a manner to assure they are legible, readily identifiable and retrievable: and c) available to Allen Tool Phoenix personnel (or their designated representatives) within three (3) working days after notification.
  12. Proprietary Information: All data provided to supplier under this PO is confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third parties without prior written permission.
  13. DPAS Priority Rated Orders: When the PO contains a job number with a DO or a DX, the PO is considered a DPAS priority rated order. The PO should be processed as per the requirements indicated in the Defense Priorities and Allocations System Regulation (15 CFR 700, specifically sections 700.13- Acceptance and Rejection of Rated Orders and 700.14-Preferential Scheduling).
  14. Personnel: The supplier shall insure that all personnel are aware or their contribution to product/service conformity, product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior. When required, Allen Tool Phoenix may request that personnel of a certain competence level be utilized to perform the service specified on the PO. The supplier is expected to adhere to the competence and request and provide competence records should they be required.
  15. Counterfeit Parts: The supplier shall establish a process to prevent the use of counterfeit parts and their introduction in to the supply chain. In the event that counterfeit parts are found and there is a possibility that they have been received by Allen Tool Phoenix, the supplier shall contact Allen Tool Phoenix so that appropriate containment actions and reporting can be determined and implemented accordingly.