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Allen Tool Phoenix adds AS9100D Certification


Continuing with the momentum from our successful transition to ISO 9001:2015 in December, Allen Tool updated its QMS and passed the external audits to achieve AS9100D certification this May.


In addition to these certifications we have added some additional square footage with an addition to the back of our building. We have also added some new equipment to support Customer requirements and give us additional capacity.


This puts us in a great position to handle new business and pursue controlled, sustained growth in the future.



ISO 9001:2015 and NIST 800-171 Achieved


We have been busy in the 4th quarter with audits and certifications here at Allen Tool Phoenix Inc.


First in November we completed the 3 day transition audit to ISO 9001:2015. We had no new findings!


We also completed a full year of audits to the new Aerospace Standard AS9001 D. We hope to complete the external certification by the end of January. 


We also finished a third party Cybersecurity Risk Assessment audit to NIST 800-171. All recommended improvements to our system have been completed and have been verified by the Cybersecurity experts from The Advanced Institute for Manufacturing (AIM). They are part of the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).


The urgency to complete this was due to the Department of Defense DFARS 252.204-7012 requirement to meet the NIST 800-171 cybersecurity standard. The deadline was to be compliant by December 31st 2017 to continue to do business with the Government.


Congratulations to the entire team for supporting this.



Apprenticeship Program


Allen Tool Phoenix is proud to announce our participation in the New York State Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (NYSMIAP) sponsored by the Manufacturers Association of Central New York. NYSMIAP is an employer-led, public-private pilot program for registered apprentices in manufacturing occupations. The NYSMIAP is a unique business-lead approach targeted at raising the skill levels of incumbent manufacturing workers and creating distinctive career pathways while filling a crucial need within the industry. Our three apprentices began the four-year program for CNC Machinists on June 15th. In addition to daily on the job training, our apprentices are attending OCC for their related instruction. Good luck gentlemen!

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25 Years of Satisfied Clients



Here is a nice shot of the Minotaur V LADEE vehicle, on the pad at Wallops and ready to launch tomorrow.


LADEE is a NASA Moon mission and the payload has a dust sampler on it that will map the layers of dust contamination at various altitudes around the Moon. The LADEE vehicle itself has a liquid motor and is spin stabilizing during the Stage 5 burn. EBA&D build FCDCA’s, Frangible Joints and IDBAs for the vehicle which was designed to use up the decommissioned 3 stage USAF Peacekeeper rocket assets.


Allen Tool Phoenix provides hardware for the Frangible Joints. Please share this photo with your team. I’m sure they would be proud to know how the product they build is being utilized. Great job in helping us to be successful!!!



Best Regards,

Michael A.

Dear Allen Tool,


We wish to share the exciting news that the first flight test of the Orion spacecraft was successfully completed today. Today’s accomplishment is something for us all to take pride in.  The precision machined, high quality hardware supplied by Allen Tool played a critical role in this success. The hardware included separation bolts, pressure cartridge bodies, ETL/DBA manifolds and frangible joint manifolds.


THANK YOU for your excellent teamwork!


Sean K., Program Manager



These are the virtues that Pratt & Whitney has strived to employ for over 67 years!


The Materiel Procurement Supplier Awareness Committee is pleased to announce that Allen Tool Phoenix Inc. has been selected as our “Supplier of the Month” for July 1994. This highly competitive award has been earned for outstanding performance in the following areas:


Allen Tool Phoenix, Inc. (ATP, Inc.) and its employees have consistently demonstrated their support for P&W/GESP’s RL l0 program. Your dedication to the continued excellence of quality and the timely deliveries of various hardware has allowed P&W/GESP to meet on-going commitments to its major customers. On a recent occasion, ATP, Inc. received two (2) very complex, partially completed RL l0 Injector Assemblies and was requested to complete the assemblies on an expedited basis. Over the next seven (7) months, ATP, Inc.’s personnel worked in excess of 950 hours of overtime in support of this task, while at no time requesting premium pay. ATP, Inc. maintained extensive communication with applicable P&W personnel to insure that all of P&W’s requirements were being met as evidenced by the first unit passing 100% quality inspection. ATP’s handling of this order enabled P&W to avoid costly engine build delay charges. ATP Inc.’s commitment and proactive management of P&W/GESP’s requirements have earned them the highest respect of P&W/GESP’s Procurement and Engineering Departments.


Today’s business environment demands a commitment to excellence. Due to our continued partnership with suppliers of your caliber, Pratt & Whitney/Government Engines & Space Propulsion will remain the finest manufacturer of propulsion systems in the world. We thank you and your dedicated employees for supporting us in achieving our objectives.



Edward W., Robert M., Robert B., VP. Operations & Mfg. Tech.

A Manufacturing Company SQA Manager John L. asked me to review & report the quality performance history of Allen Tool East Syracuse N.Y.


I’m the Senior Staff SQA Engineer here at A Manufacturing Company Orlando “The City Beautiful” where people believe in Magic.


Allen Tool has a pristine product Quality history with A Manufacturing Company. Delivery rating is also 100% with one exception when a subtier supplier of Allen slipped schedule a few days.


It is coincidental that I also worked at GE Syracuse for 35 years. During the eighties & nineties I and one of the most stringent DCMA QAR’s ever to work in the Aerospace Industry, Albert W. conducted Source Acceptance activities at Allen Tool.


At that time & as is now Allen Tool’s craftsmen always delivered the best quality products, on time and at competitive cost. Allen Tool’s MIL-145208 Quality System is certified by A Manufacturing Company.


Based upon the aforementioned & particularly the 100% Quality performance rating please consider Allen Tool for any procurements you have available to place.


Please advise if any further information is required.



Gerald S., Supplier Quality Assurance

I wish to thank you for your cooperation to help A Manufacturing Company complete a very important job on time. Without your due diligence and attention to this matter we would have surely missed the deadline with our customer.


The TU T-Bolt Water Cooled product you modified is a new offering that could mean many additional sales for A Manufacturing Company.
The customer had made arrangements to travel to the USA from France and the build dates were set in stone.


I am not sure why the communications broke down as to due date expectations and commitments, but with deadlines looming Allen Tool, put it behind them, and had a workable plan organized and completed.


Thank you again for the excellent job and hopefully in the future we can improve our communications and work together toward our mutual endeavors.



Ted C., Purchasing Supplier Quality Engineer

I would personally like to compliment you on your documentation package you sent in with the product. By far the most complete, well-organized package in our supplier base. Workmanship on the product is excellent also. Just that cursed powder coat is preventing me from being able to accurately inspect the part. Do you have on record the dimensional inspection results for this part prior to coating? I may need to query some of your results.



Ed P., Quality Control

I just finished inspecting your sample piece and I would like you to know that in the 24 years I’ve been inspecting this part I have never seen one with such accurate dimensions, and never seen one look so pretty. You can be proud of the person/persons working for you who manufactured this piece. If parts like this can be manufactured on a quantity basis, I am looking forward to seeing your parts in the future.



Robert M., Quality Inspector, Source Inspector, Quality Inspector, Source Inspector